Acaia Lunar Water-resistant Espresso Scale

Acaia Lunar Water-resistant Espresso Scale

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Espresso enthusiasts, meet your new shot scale. Water-resistant and jam-packed with amazing features, the Acaia Lunar is the last shot scale you'll ever need to buy. It's time to stop throwing away lesser scales.

The coffee world asked for a better way to weigh their espresso, and it's finally here: Acaia's answer to the shot scale, the Lunar. The Lunar is compact, responsive, multifunctional, and perhaps most importantly, highly water-resistant. This is everything we love about the Pearl, condensed into a smaller drip tray-friendly package. The Lunar is the shot scale we've all been waiting for.

Leave it to Acaia to pack a scale with all the details we need, and then tack on a few more ever-so-useful functions we could only dream of having. The Lunar has multiple function modes that include the basic weight display and timer, as well as more advanced functions that include an auto-start/auto-stop timer based on the flow of espresso into the cup, as well as auto-tare function that zeroes out your cup about one second after it is placed on the scale.

Every experienced barista knows a little water in the wrong place is enough to kill your average shot scale, and so the Lunar uses a water-resistant coating on its circuitry - so your scale keeps on kicking even if you spill a full shot on top of it. Inside the scale are the same high-quality internals you can expect from Acaia, including an internal battery with a 20 hour life. The scale charges fully in just a few hours using a standard mini USB charging cable (included), and includes Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to connect it to the Acaia Coffee app and the new slimmed-down Brewmaster app.