Vollrath 71001 Countertop Food Warmer

Vollrath 71001 Countertop Food Warmer

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Vollrath 71001 Description

The Vollrath 71001 Cayenne® countertop food warmer attractively displays product and maintains food serving temperatures. Because its heating system places the non-stick, cast-in aluminum dome element in direct contact with water for efficient heat transfer, it needs up to 25 percent less energy than traditional models. The non-stick coating reduces scale buildup to simplify cleaning and lengthen the lifespan of the unit. The large water capacity lowers labor costs and improves food quality with its moist heat.

To prevent accidental changes to the temperature setting, this Vollrath 71001 food warmer has recessed controls. Operator guesswork is eliminated by the low-water indicator light, and the capillary tube thermostat control supplies heat only when needed. The wide lid prevents drips on the countertop and fits snugly around food pans and insets. The exterior is constructed of durable stainless steel, and the non-skid feet prevent it from sliding across the countertop. Its bottom-exit cord enables it to be plugged in at any side.

Product Details

  • Part of the Cayenne series
  • 1 full-size, 6-in.-deep well
  • Full-size warmer displays food and maintains serving temperature
  • Heating element directly contacts water for efficient heating
  • Non-stick, cast-in aluminum dome heating element is energy efficient
  • Fiber-reinforced, self-insulating resin resists scale buildup
  • Large water capacity reduces the number of refills
  • Moist heat improves food quality
  • Recessed controls prevent accidental temperature changes
  • Low-water indicator light
  • Capillary tube thermostat control supplies power and heat when necessary
  • Wide, dripless rim
  • Pans and insets fit snugly inside
  • Exterior is constructed of sturdy stainless steel
  • Non-skid feet prevent the unit from sliding across the countertop
  • Bottom-exit cord can be plugged into an outlet on any side

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 133⁄4 in. x 213⁄4 in. x 9 in.
  • 5.8 A, 700 W
  • 120 V/60 Hz/1 ph, 6-ft. cord with 5-15P plug