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Banner Perfecta Pour Cold-Blast series glycol power pack
  • Banner Perfecta Pour Cold-Blast series glycol power pack

    SKU: Tilt
    $3,360.00 Regular Price
    $2,520.00Sale Price
    • 1, 3 & 12 gallon sealed glycol bath with easily accessible 5″ hole for filling and inspection – Eliminates condensation & evaporation- No heavy lifting of condensing units to inspect and fill glycol
    • Front panel digital thermostat control with adjustable differential setting for ice tower and custom system installation
    • Finger touch reset warning safety switches for high and low pressure
    • Illuminated red rocker switches for compressor operation
    • illuminated green rocker switches for each pump-motor assembly
    • Independent digital LED thermometers for each pump return temperature
    • Built-in filter track accommodates standard disposable air filters
    • Slide-off front cage allows easy access to service valves and electrical components
    • 404A refrigerant gas – thermal expansion valve – site glass – Large gas reserve receivers
    • Available with one, two or three pump-motor assemblies (select models) – air cooled or water cooled
    • All chillers use 1/3 HP ball bearing motors and 100 GPH brass vane pumps
    • All chillers include Nylon pump-motor coupler – reduces heat transfer from motor to pump and wear between pump-motor assembly
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