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BKI Convection Oven, Combi Oven Steamer
  • BKI Convection Oven, Combi Oven Steamer

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    $36,000.00 Regular Price
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    BKI Convection Oven, Combi Oven Steamer. Model VS 1.10


    Computer controlled convection oven and steamer combination.

    Now you can steam, roast, bake.reheat and proof products with just one unit. Bki's Combi-oven 1.10 features an integrated system of circulating hot air and injected steam to ensure opt[mal cooking conditions for a broad spectrum of customer favorites. The result is perfectly prepared foods, ranging from beef and fish to vegetables and rice and even baked goods. Intelligent options such as the Simple Control Panel and the self-cleaning unit make the Combi-Oven 1.10 easy to use and maintain.

    Standard Features:

    • Accommodate10 full-size steam table pans or 10 half-size bun pans
    • Integrated hand shower with extendable hose for quick and easy cleaning
    • Temperature probe and core temperature control functionality
    • Twin-latch safety handle
    • Automatic motor break - stops fan when oven door is opened during operation
    • water filtration systemintegrated system of circulating air and injected steam

    Mechanical Specs: 

    • 35"w x 31.75"d x 37.5"h
    • Weight 350 lbs
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