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IDW GCG-6C Countertop Cooler
  • IDW GCG-6C Countertop Cooler

    SKU: Tilt
    $600.00 Regular Price
    $300.00Sale Price

    A compact solution for your favorite Rockstar products, the GCG-6C Countertop Cooler has everything you could want in a point of purchase solution. Equipped with a forced air evaporator system, the GCG-6C Countertop Cooler quickly brings down interior temperatures with a natural refrigerant, ensuring efficiency without polluting the environment. The GCG-6C also features an Energy Star certification, which signifies that it uses energy efficiently without sacrificing functionality or performance. To highlight your Rockstar products, the GCG-6C Countertop Cooler comes with high impact side panel graphics and an LED illuminated canopy, allowing you to increase product visibility and brand awareness to give your sales a boost.

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