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Stainless Steel Freezer Racks

$204.00 Regular Price
$102.00Sale Price

Stainless Steel Freezer Racks with Drawers for 2" Boxes, 4 x 5 Configuration, 20 Box Capacity, 22 ×11 13/16 × 51/2", DETAILSSouthern Labwares Freezer Storage Racks are constructed of high-quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel. Handles at both ends accommodate freezers with right or left handed doors. Our freezer racks have been configured to fit all major ultra low (-80°) freezers on the market; racks are designed for ultra low upright freezers.Southern Labware Upright Freezer Drawer racks offer a more organized system for storage and retrieval of samples. Drawer racks facilitate both access to and storage of samples without having to remove the whole rack from the freezer. Security lock devices are also available for each rack though ordered separately.Features:Constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steelRacks fit standard 2" cardboard, plastic, or metal boxesSecurity lock devices available for each rack

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